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Enabling Innovation
Ideation to Implementation

We support fintech innovation for Australian organisations, from startups to ASX enterprises, by making validating an idea quicker, easier, cheaper, and less risky.

Your innovation partner, we combine an incubator, accelerator, test platform, launch platform, and consultancy into a single, cost-effective, and rapid innovation hub.

Fintech Actuator provides a live Mastercard prepaid debit card. This card is not just a tool, but a complete solution that equips you with everything you need to launch and manage a small-scale card program, saving you time and resources. 



Change Financial

Benefits of using Fintech Actuator

  • Accelerate time to market 

  • Spend money more efficiently

  • Build a better product


For startups, you can attract investment more easily at a higher valuation.


For mature companies, you can continuously innovate to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition without diverting scarce resources.


Dedicated to supporting innovative solutions and working with industry leaders.


Fintech Actuator is a program manager and provides an 'in a box' prepaid card payment platform.
'Incubator' for validating ideas. 

The Incubator is for innovators to test and validate their ideas, and then create solutions that are ready for market. More than 40% of start-ups fail because their offer does not suit the market needs.


Our team of experts is made up of card payment specialists who use their knowledge and experience to support you in turning ideas into tangible products.

A key outcome and benefit of the Incubator is that when you have validated and tested your idea in the market, you are ready to graduate to a full program with Change and Mastercard.

This is very important as you do not need to start over again to launch!​


So, if you’re looking to innovate and create the next big thing in finance, the Fintech Actuator Incubator is the place to start. Contact us.

Call 1300 995 289 or email




Our expert team will guide and support you through the process, from high-level advisory to hands-on help.

  • Idea refinement

  • Target market scoping

  • Business case

  • Product design

  • Use case development

  • Post-test Go To Market strategy

These services can be used individually or together, for example:

  • work with our expert team to refine your idea, define your product and then implement your program on the test platform or

  • if you have defined your product, move straight to developing and implementing your program on the test platform or

  • Our team can help you achieve your goals if you only need consulting services.

Tim B Pic.png

Tim Boucaut

Tim founded Fintech Actuator to support and enable innovation—from idea to implementation. Setting up a live card payment program is expensive. With leading industry technology partners and in-house expertise, Fintech Actuator has created a transparent, fairer, and affordable market validation pathway for start-ups.


Before founding Fintech Actuator, Tim spent over 30 years in technology and financial service companies.

Terry Photo.jpg

Terry McMullen

Terry brings 30 years of unparalleled expertise in rewards and loyalty, passionately championing the creation of optimal loyalty outcomes by seamlessly integrating loyalty and payments into a single, delightful customer experience.


Whether working with startups or mature companies, Terry’s unique blend of experience and insight makes him a valuable partner in driving business growth and creating exceptional customer experiences.

Leo Photo.jpg

Leo Borovilas

Leo has navigated every stage of the entrepreneurial journey, from conception to market launch, gaining invaluable expertise in diverse areas crucial to Fintech startup and scaleup success. 

This experience equips him to mentor budding entrepreneurs, confidently guiding them through complexities. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he embodies resilience and supports fintech innovators, inspiring empowerment for the next generation of founders.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.48.43 PM.png

Kian Jackson

Kian is a detail-oriented professional and possesses extensive experience in optimising payment services operations, sustainable business growth solutions, sales procedures, and revenue improvement plans.


Kian has built strong skills in establishing new markets and increasing business profitability and competency while performing market analyses to expand business opportunities.

Built for Fintech Innovators, by Payment Specialists.

The Incubator is for Australian Fintechs to validate an idea, live. 


The program will simultaneously accelerate time to market, solution development, build team capability and open the doors to investment. 

Card Platform

MVP testing with live system.

Reduce time to market 


Enabling fintech innovation with Mastercard

Innovation – then, now, always

For more than 50 years, Mastercard has pioneered technology to make payments simpler, smarter and safer.


Enabling fintech innovation with Change Financial

Simplifying payment experiences worldwide

Change Financial is redefining payments and card issuing. Our innovative payment solutions have customisation, client experience and service at their core

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Key Benefits 

  • Accelerate time to market 

  • Spend money more efficiently

  • Build a better product


For startups, this means you can attract investment more easily at a higher valuation.


For mature companies, this means you can continuously innovate to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition Without diverting scarce resources.

The biggest benefit of developing an Incubator is that it allows you to test your business concepts.
By offering the core set of features rather than a full-blown, feature-heavy product, you can verify that your product concept resonates with your target audience.

Investing in an incubator program is all about testing; seeing what works and what doesn’t.


The incubator is more about trying to achieve an understanding of the market demand than it is about trying to sell or acquire customers.

With so many considerations to keep in mind, it’s possible to believe one strategy will work, and be wrong.
The best thing to do is test your assumptions with an Incubator.


Our goal is to make testing your idea affordable. Funding and investing in a full card program can be very challenging and stressful. 


The incubator program takes a multi-disciplinary approach with many different technologies and experts involved. We have an 'out of the box' card solution available to use for periods from 6 - 9 months. 


Ideal for startups or small businesses looking for a simple idea.


Suitable for businesses requiring a more comprehensive idea.


Tailored for large-scale projects that require complex solutions.

There is a setup and monthly support fee for each idea.  Pricing will be prepared on application.

In the News

Doing Good Rewards selected as the first participant in the joint Mastercard, Change Financial and Fintech Actuator incubator program.


Dec 2023 Brisbane’s global fintech, Change Financial, unveiled Doing Good Rewards as the debut participant in their ambitious Prepaid Incubator program.

Doing Good Rewards is the world’s first loyalty program to automatically combine shopping discounts and charity giving in the same transaction. Their fresh approach has drawn attention for its powerful social impact and novel application of Mastercard prepaid cards, contributing to merchant onboarding and enhancing business visibility in the Australian market.

“Being chosen as the first participant in this remarkable program marks a pivotal moment for Doing Good Rewards. It validates our innovative approach in blending commerce with charity, and we are thrilled to work alongside esteemed partners like Change Financial, Fintech Actuator, and Mastercard,” said Brad Langdon, Chief Executive Officer of Doing Good Rewards.

“Brad and the team put forward a compelling value proposition and we’re excited that our first incubator participant has such positive social impact goals,” added Tim Boucaut, Managing Director, Fintech Actuator.

Full story 

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